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New South Wealth Management Present the Premiere for The Power of Zero

March 05, 2019

In the ever-changing market of finance, there is a lot of misinformation that can lead someone down a rabbit hole where they end up with little to no applicable tactics to take control of their finances and retirement. Look no further! The Power of Zero, written by David McKnight, explains a few different strategies you can use to prepare yourself and your family for higher taxes. This book does a terrific job of looking at the future of tax rates and the implications on traditional retirement strategies.McKnightwill open your eyes to the how, why and when to successfully transition your assets to be in just the right place. Even if you are already retired, there is still time to act and compelling reasons to do so.

The book is an incredible success with over 140,000 copies sold. The book was so successful that a movie was produced to increase more awareness on the issue. While previous generations looked forward to retiring with guaranteed pensions, a secure social security program and lower tax rates; many Baby Boomers and their children face a much different reality. Most company pensions are gone, social security is underfunded and tax rates in the future are likely to be much higher. McKnight presents extremely important information about how to formulate the most efficient retirement plan. David McKnight has produced a book that will prove very helpful for everyone that is looking to figure out how the new tax law will affect them and their family.

New South Wealth is excited to announce the Premiere of the movie The Power of Zero in Charlotte, NC on April 15th at the Regal Cinema Phillips Place 10 at 6:30pm. To find out more or to purchase tickets, please visit

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