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2019 Disability Insurance Symposium

July 01, 2019

The New South Wealth Management (NSWM) Hosts Disability Insurance Symposium To Educate Business Owners, Physicians and Brokers on The Complex Subject Of Disability Insurance

Attendees will discover that getting disability insurance is a lifeline for them and their business.

Charlotte, North Carolina: New South Wealth Management is excited to host its first Disability Insurance Symposium in Charlotte, NC. With medical debt being the number one source of bankruptcy in America today, paycheck protection is now the most critical piece to financial security. The symposium begins on the 16th of July and will end on the 17th of July.

On the 16th, two sessions are dedicated to Brokers and an evening session, dedicated to Physicians and Practice Owners:

8am: Brokers- Disability Insurance Symposium

12pm: Brokers- Disability Insurance Symposium

6pm: Physicians and Practice Owners- Disability Insurance Symposium

July 17th:

8am: Business Owners- Disability Insurance Symposium

A presentation by Melina Morrison, the Disability Income Insurance Specialist for New South Wealth Management, will explore ways to protect business and family needs by purchasing disability insurance. This is very important when planning for business due to the possibilities of being sidelined by injuries, accidents, diseases or any other debilitating issue that can keep one out of business, incur a significant loss of income and affect both you, your family and employees.

The symposium will have a complimentary business/practice evaluation for all attendees, helping to determine if they are qualified for disability insurance and what policy is the best.

There will be food and beverages provided. This could be the best hour you spend all year!

About Melina: Melina Morrison is the Disability Income Insurance Specialist for New South Wealth Management. She has been in the insurance industry for more than twenty-five years. Over the past eight years, she has specialized in Disability Insurance planning to ensure clients can protect their biggest asset during their working years. Melina’s passion to continue her education and knowledge of the industry has led her to become a trusted advisor to many.

Melina lives in Arlington, Texas with her significant other, Jeff Morrison. She has two daughters and two sons. Find out more by clicking the links below…

Brokers Disability Insurance Symposium 8am

Brokers: Disability Insurance Symposium 12pm

Physicians and Practice Owners Disability Insurance Symposium 6pm

Business Owners Disability Insurance Symposium 8am